Routine Maintenance

What is routine maintenance?

The follow activities are performed during routine maintenance:

  • Removal of debris: this relates to general litter but also leaves, seeds and pine needles. A blower gathers the debris which is then removed with a plastic or rubber rake.
  • Brushing: this is essential to maintain the level of the field infill and to reduce the risk of algae, moss and weeds. Using approved pesticides also reduces the risk of algae, moss and weeds.
  • Field inspection and irrigation: during routine maintenance the pitch itself (seams and line markings) and the irrigation equipment are inspected for faults. If any are found then the supplier is informed immediately for repairs.

When a field has been fully installed, the Sports Field Manager will receive instructions and a manual on routine maintenance. It includes detailed explanations. You can always contact your supplier for advice if you have any queries.

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