Artificial turf is becoming increasingly popular. Where the product was previously only used for sports applications it is now becoming a regular feature in public areas. Using artificial turf in this application is called landscaping. J&E Sports has an extensive supply of landscaping products available. We have installed products for companies and government projects. Private individuals can contact our (inter)national dealer network for our selection.

Artificial turf landscaping is applicable for the following purposes:

  • Gardens, patios, rooftop patios, rooftop gardens;
  • Around swimming pools;
  • Public gardens;
  • Roundabouts and central reservations;
  • Playing fields (in combination with shock absorbing base surfaces);
  • Trade fairs (stand decoration and red carpets).

Why choose artificial turf landscaping?

  • It’s always looks green, even where grass can't actually grow;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Durable quality;
  • Environmentally friendly (no need for water, pesticides, compost or mowing).
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