Sports Systems

Rubber granule systems
The rubber granule artificial turf pitches are known as the third generation. This system is normally used for football and rugby. This system is characterised by long fibres (40-60 mm) and an infill of sand and rubber granules for shock absorption (SBR, TPE or EPDM).

Sand filled systems
The sand filled systems are the traditional artificial turf fields. When hockey was first played on synthetic grass they used this system and its quality has been proved over the years.  Besides hockey, these sand filled systems are also used for tennis, korfball and multi-sports. The turf mat has relatively short fibres (20-25 mm) which are filled with sand. The sand provides the mat with stability.

There are two distinctive sand filled systems. There are systems with a top layer of sand or where sand is applied over the top layer. One example is the all-weather tennis courts with a sand playing surface enabling players to slide perfectly. There are also semi-sand filled systems, which are also known as semi-water based fields. These systems are provided with a small layer of sand fill which is completely covered by the fibres. The results in the game being played entirely on the fibres enabling perfect ball roll. There is a growing demand for semi-sanded fields, particularly in hockey.

Water based pitches
Water based pitches are used in top-level hockey. These are systems with a high turf intensity which provides a smooth surface. The sport is played totally on the fibre ensuring predictable ball behaviour. Large quantities of water are sprayed on the pitch before the game and during the break, which speeds up gameplay.

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