Sealen by J&E Sports

J&E Sports has introduced an innovative installation method for artificial turf pitches. Sealen by J&E Sports is a quick, seamless and durable installation method. The combination of a durable top layer and infill material results in a fully recyclable artificial turf pitch. The entire system is manufactured from the same material types, including the glue and adhesive tape used for sealing.

In previous attempts to achieve durable installations the common option was to sew the seams of the artificial turf together. The disadvantages are that it’s time-consuming and extremely difficult to accomplish a seamless finish. Additionally, the line markings can’t be stitched, so often have to be glued. The result is that this type of field can’t be fully recycled at the end of its service life.

J&E Sports has long sought a solution where the tape and adhesive are the same material types as the artificial grass; resulting in a fully recyclable system at the end of the field’s service life. We have found the solution through collaboration with the companies BIT and H.B. Fuller - sealing the seams of the artificial turf with a special hot-melt. The new method of Sealen by J&E Sports uses an extremely strong hot-melt that emits less external heat so the fibres and backing no longer melt or distort. Moreover, the gluing speed can be changed steplessly and the glue thickness regulated.  

This provides J&E Sports with an innovative, durable and affordable installation technique that can compete with the speed of traditional gluing and maintains the durable benefits of stitching the artificial turf at the same time.  Based on positive experiences during the installation of the new artificial turf pitch at Heracles Almelo, J&E Sports has since received requests from home and abroad for the application of the new method of Sealen by J&E Sports.

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