Durable Construction

To us, artificial turf is more than just a top layer. It is a sophisticated system where all the components need coordinating. We have already taken a number of steps towards durability; one example is the fully recyclable systems for football. We are increasingly using durable components during our installation process. With that in mind we have introduced Sealen by J&E Sports, where the glue and adhesive backing are the same material types as the artificial turf. This means that the entire system can be recycled at the end of its service life. In addition to these innovations, a few more examples of our sustainable construction methods are listed below:

  • Waste sorting on site: we separate as much waste on site as possible. If this isn’t possible then we make sure it is carried out at a recognised waste processing facility.
  • Waste reduction: infill always creates a lot of waste. This used to be supplied in bigbags on pallets. These bigbags are now being delivered without the pallets.
  • Material re-use: residual materials are always returned to storage and are used elsewhere whenever possible.
  • Durable installation techniques: when installing artificial turf we always look for the most efficient and durable methods. A recent development is the introduction of Sealen by J&E Sports, as previously described.
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